Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes of 2019.

Just thought I’d come on here and talk about some of my most loved and used palettes of the year. I have already posted the palettes I regretted purchasing this year, so you can check that out HERE. I’ll only be talking about palettes that were either purchased by me or gifted to me by family members during the 2019 year. This list excludes any PR I received except for one, which I saved for the end. I honestly had so many to choose from! It is insane, but palettes are my true love and weakness, so I always excuse myself. Let’s get started!

Natasha Denona Biba.

The Biba palette was probably one of my favorite purchases. You can see the full review HERE. I find that the longer I wait to purchase something (vs buying it right when it releases) the more I appreciate it. That was the case with this one. I waited for a Rouge $100 reward and made the purchase. The color story is what mostly sold me on this palette. I know this is one I can reach for day in and out and never worry about it looking over done or think too hard to come up with color combinations.

The formula in this palette is really good, too. It contains those creamy matte shades that weren’t my favorite in previous palettes but I feel the formula has been perfected and they were so easy to use in Biba. There aren’t too many shimmer shades but the ones that are there are truly special. I really love the 3 options provided. I wore this one for my baby shower, my maternity pictures, etc. I definitely reached for it the most!

Tom Ford Suspicion.

Suspicion was a quad that actually took me by surprise. I was initially going to skip out on it but decided to buy it along with Body Heat and oh my word… this instantly became a favorite! What I love about these dry to wet formulas of Tom Ford’s is that they are great dry and add so much more life to them when wet. With four shimmer shades you’d think you have to find another palette with some matte shades to pair it with, right?

Wrong! I love that you can make complete looks with just the shades in here and it works! I love using the deepest shade to add some depth to the outer corner or to create a Smokey eye. I have hardly used this quad wet, but using it dry is just as beautiful. I have had no issues with it and it was heaven sent right after I gave birth to my son. I wore it so many times because it was a palette I didn’t have to think about. This palette is really special for me since it made me feel beautiful during a very vulnerable time in my life. If you’ve ever given birth you’ll know how rough the first few weeks/months are and this quad boosted my confidence when I started wearing makeup again and started trying to get back to my old routine. That being said, if you’re a fan of warm tones, this one is perfect!

Natasha Denona Sunrise.

Sunrise is another palette I waited what felt like quite a while before I finally purchased it. I think it released close to my son’s birth or right after and I was just not feeling makeup in general at the time. When things finally started to get organized I did purchase this palette and I fell in love with it!

I love the color story: it’s a nice mix of warm and neutrals with your pops of color to the left and your basic shades to the right. I used it for a good while after finally purchasing it, which is why I tell you that if I wait to get them I appreciate them more. Plus the price tag was so much better than her usual $129. What do you think of this one?

Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotise.

I might be cheating a bit with these next few because I haven’t had them long, but I have had them long enough to know these would make this list even if I’d gotten them earlier. The Starry Eyes to Hypnotise palette is just excellent.

I’ve collected these palettes of hers so I do have some expectations from it and it didn’t disappoint. I love the fact that you get the shadows divided into trios so you don’t break your brain trying to come up with combos. The shadows can feel somewhat stiff on the fingers and they can swatch a little funny but on the eyes using a brush is a completely different story.

The mattes blend so easily and the shimmer shades are very pigmented. I have had no issues with any of the shades in this palette; they even swatched well which was a first; the first two palette releases weren’t very swatch friendly. Overall, a beautiful versatile palette that I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks!

I do have a dedicated review of this HERE in case you’d like more info. I also included a few different eye looks!

Colourpop California Love Palette.

The Colourpop California Love palette was one I had my eye on since its initial release. I never ordered it from the colourpop website but I definitely ooh’d and ahh’d every time someone on social media mentioned it, did a look with it, or photographed it. I knew eventually it would be mine but I decided to wait on it. Then it became available at Ulta and I had points to spend so I picked it up. This one, like the Sunrise palette by Natasha are one of those occasions where I waited and definitely savored using the palette more than if I would have just picked it up right away. I was able to enjoy it much more since I waited, do you know what I mean?

Anyway, this palette does contain a glitter shade and I know we’re not all fans of those, especially since they are considered unsafe for the eye area. That’s just something to be cautious about in case you’re interested in purchasing this. Aside from that, the palette houses the perfect warmer tones that let you create everyday eye looks and contains just enough deep tones to create Smokey eyes. One of my favorite YouTuber’s – Allie Glines – did a makeup look with it HERE and it just showcased the beauty of this palette. You should definitely check it out!

KKW Beauty Classic Blossom.

Here’s another eyeshadow palette I was late in buying simply because I didn’t want to pay for shipping. I’d ordered once before (the Classic Blossom palette – which was reviewed HERE) and it really blew me away. Obviously, I was hoping to like it but I didn’t think I’d end up loving it. Classic blossom looked just as promising but I decided to wait.

Then KKW Beauty became available at Ulta! I didn’t hesitate at all at purchasing this one and I’m glad I finally picked it up. The formula of her eyeshadows are so nice. There is hardly any kick up, the shadows blend well and last all day. If you’ve been interested in any of her palettes I’d definitely recommend them! Now that they’re in store I’d say go swatch them for yourself. They are good and I’m glad I got to finally try Classic Blossom out!

Urban Decay Naked Honey.

I really didn’t want to add any PR items to this list but I would be excluding my favorite palette of the year if I did so, so I only added this one to the list. This was gifted to me by Urban Decay and once it hit my door step I couldn’t put it down. I love using many varieties of colors and tones but the ones that really speak to me are the warm, dirty, mustard type shades and this palette was full of them!

I really think urban decay outdid themselves with this one. I think people were starting to get a little bored of the brand and felt nothing exciting was coming out. Even when promo pics were released so many people gave it a stink eye but I knew this one would be special! And it was!

The formula is on par with their other shadows but better, somehow. The matte shades are easy and blendable, the shimmers are beautiful and easy to work with, plus those mustard and olive shades in here make this my ultimate favorite palette of 2019.

Well, there’s you have it! All of my favorite products of 2019! Honestly there were so many good palette releases this year but I narrowed it down to 10 or less and this is what stood out the most to me! I’ll have a round up of my favorites from the rest of the categories soon!

Let me know what your standout palettes were this year! Thank you so much for reading!


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