Review: Colourpop Nude Mood and Blush Crush Palettes.

Recently, Colourpop launched two neutral palette collections which I absolutely fell in love with. Colourpop was kind enough to send me the entire Nude Mood collection and I picked up the Blush Crush palette when it hit Ulta since I had some points to use and they always accept coupons!

The packaging of these palettes are true to their other 9-pan palettes: made of cardboard and no mirror. I don’t mind the absence of a mirror since I always reach for a bigger one when getting ready. The design of these palettes are just stunning. If you’re one who looks into package design these will probably give you the feels!

The Nude Mood palette houses 6 matte shades, 1 SuperShock shadow (which is an excellent alternative to the glitters) and 2 metallic shades. I love when a palette has more mattes since I think they can definitely change a look.

I found all of the shades to apply easily with my blending and shader brushes. I’ve come to appreciate those mattes that have the tiny micro-shimmers in them. I read somewhere that the shimmers help the mattes blend better – not sure how true that is – but it’s stuck to me and I’m okay with them now.

The color story is really nice. As a makeup lover I know we probably have dupes somewhere in our collection but it’s nice to have these warm shades in a smaller, travel friendly palette.

I’m really happy with this one. I think it’s perfect! I did create a look with it that I uploaded to Instagram that I will upload here. It was super easy to use. I can’t wait to create more looks with it!

It’s a little blurry but you can always see it on my story highlights “Looks” on Instagram. Now on to Blush Crush!

The Blush Crush palette also contains 6 matte shades, 1 SuperShock shadow, and 2 metallic shades. Again, I’m super happy they decided to go with a SuperShock formula versus glitter.

The tones of these shades are seriously giving me some bridal, soft glam vibes and I am here for it. Three of the mattes in this particular palette contain those microshimmers I mentioned earlier. Like I said, I don’t really mind them!

Like Nude Mood, these shadows were super easy to use! A little kick up, but they blended and wore just fine. I do always use an eye primer so just an FYI. I have super oily eyelids.

Here is a look I did using the Blush Crush palette. I think both of the palettes are completely worth it. They retail for $14 but Ulta almost always has coupons that can be used on drugstore items so you’re basically guaranteed to pick it up at a lower price.

Have you tried these or are they on your radar? Let me know! I personally think they are worth it and love having them in my collection!

Thank you for reading!


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