Review: NARS Cool Crush Palette & Hot Fix Cheek Palette

Hi all! I’m here to do a quick review on the brand new, Nordstrom exclusive NARS Cool Crush eyeshadow palette and Hot Fix cheek palette. I saw these pop up on the website and had been saving Nordstrom notes. I decided I’d pick this duo up and have used them a few times now and I’m ready to provide my thoughts.

The packaging of both of these palettes are identical. They are in the standard NARS palette packaging (plastic and not the old rubber feel). The outside has a nice silver water texture and feel. I believe this was introduced last year and I like the look of it.

The Cool Crush eye palette ($59 US) contains 12 shadows ranging from cool to warm: 3 mattes and 9 shimmer shades. Some of the shades, like the deep blue, look matte to the eye but on closer inspection have the smallest bit of shimmer.

I have used most of the shades and all provided a good amount of pigment. I was able to blend them without issue. They layered well together despite the cool/warm differences. Some of the shades feel super soft to the touch while others (blue shimmer) are a little stiff. Still, no issues with application.

I did a look using both blue shadows in the palette to upload to Instagram and add to this blog post. I had absolutely no issues applying these shadows.

I did use an eye primer, but nothing else was needed to enhance the color other than layering the deeper blue about two times.

Overall, I love the palette. The NARS eyeshadow formula has improved from their early palettes and I’m glad I was able to pick this up.

The Hot Fix Cheek palette was something I was super excited about since the colors were a bit deeper than their Afterglow palette (which I’ve yet to try). Like the palette, the packaging of this is almost exact but a tad bigger. Very sturdy for travel!

Upon first glance it might look like blush brushes will have a hard time fitting into the pans but I’ve had no issues reaching for one preferred color when using it to get ready.

I was also taken by surprise by the soft, almost cream like feel of the highlighters. I don’t think they’re the same as a regular powder formula but I’m not too sure what it could be. Whatever it is, I love it since it allows for build up without looking like a disco ball.

Here are some swatches of the cheek palette. I am loving their direction towards nude/neutral cheek palettes. They’re perfect for every day. Now they just need to release at least two options so that others can have a chance to try it.

Overall, I’m loving both of these pieces. There were also some lip products released with this collection, which you can find HERE, but I decided to skip on those since I do have a lot of lipsticks at the moment. I did see swatches and they looked stunning!

Did you pick this up or are you planning to? Please let me know! As always, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog/blog posts. It is truly appreciated!


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