Review: Natasha Denona Love Palette

I recently shared my review and swatch comparisons of the Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek palette (which you can read HERE). I am now ready to provide my thoughts on her Love Palette, which was another part of her Spring/Valentines Day release.

The packaging of this palette is identical to that of her Sunrise palette. It is made of plastic and houses a full-sized mirror. These are smaller versions of her $129 pan palettes and I think they are great. I wish she’d make all of her palettes this size. They are more affordable and realistic since many of us don’t ever use up the shadows.

The pans in here do tend to move around when you’re swatching them or are heavy handed with your brush. This is because they are removable; you can take them out to place in other palettes, rearrange them, etc. I like this concept though I never remove them from where they were originally placed.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the palette: mainly that it swatches poorly. When I received it I immediately took pictures for my blog but went ahead and skipped taking any swatches of it and began to use it right away.

Now that I’ve taken the time to do some swatches for this post, I can see how someone might be turned off. The mattes in particular swatched kind of patchy. They do feel a little drier to me, but most applied fine on the eyes.

Some of the matte shades were a little patchy when applied (Heartbeat, Intense) on the eyes, especially around the crease/hood of my lid. I was able to cover those patchy areas with the shimmer shades.

I’m not sure why I had so much trouble with them, but in the end the look came together beautifully. I also didn’t set my eye primer so it could have been either the shadows or the primer. I wanted to be completely honest about these two shades in particular.

The shadows wore well throughout the day. I didn’t experience any fading or fallout with the shimmer shades, but if you have hooded lids they may travel. I did use a liquid shadow underneath the first look and that helped it stay in place better.

I did two different looks which I will post here. The first one was more of a traditional eye look and one that I felt comfortable going to work in. I used the shade Lifetime on the eyelids and worked from there.

The second look I did was mostly a pink look and this is where I felt the shadows were patchy. I’m not sure why this is, but I didn’t have a problem completing the eye look. I hope that makes sense.

Overall, I’m happy with this palette. I think this is unique in my collection where it’s mostly a colorful palette with a few pops of neutral. If you aren’t a fan of wearing color, this palette might not be for you.

If you like using color here and there and like a mostly pink-toned palette, Love will be perfect and make you happy!

So what do you think? Is this something you’ve picked up/are contemplating? Let me know!


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