Review: Melt Cosmetics Millennial Pinx Palette

Hi everyone! I’m here to do a quite lengthy review on the new Melt Cosmetics Millennial Pinx eyeshadow palette that released February 2020 – a Valentine’s Day themed palette. I’m a fan of their melt stacks, and hadn’t yet tried their palettes. When I saw the color story of Millennial Pinx, I knew it would be the first palette I’d purchase from them. Here are my thoughts on this palette along with some comparison swatches to other Valentine’s Day releases.

The packaging of this palette is standard to their other palettes: thin, but long and sleek. I would think it would be fine for travel but I’ve heard their shadows can be soft and can shatter, so I’d be cautious. The mirror in here is the full length of the cover, so it’s big enough to use if you don’t have another mirror handy.

I truly fell in love with this color story. I loved the stark contrast between the light, romantic pinks and the deep, sexy shadows. When I swatched this palette in store I didn’t feel that I’d have issues with it. I hadn’t seen many reviews so I picked this up right away.

The shadows swatched fine with the stencil and without, as you will see further in the review. I know swatches don’t account for performance but it can sometimes shed some light on how it may perform.

Some of the shimmer shades were very sheer, so right away I knew they’d need some sort of base whether it was a glitter glue or a cream shadow. The matte shades were soft and pigmented and swatched beautifully without issue.

Now after bringing this palette home I began watching negative review after negative review on this palette so I decided it was time to try it for myself. I started off with the pink shades in the palette, working first with the lightest shade for a transition and then deepening up the look.

For the pink look, I used a finger to apply the shimmer Ruby Spar on the eyelid. I’d prefer to use a shadow how they perform best and I think the best color payoff is with a finger. I was surprised by how much I liked the way it turned out considering all the bad things I’d heard.

The Smokey look wasn’t my favorite, but it had nothing to do with the shadows. The deep grey (GF) and Euphoria were actually really easy to blend out – I was surprised. I normally stay away from the deeper shadows since I don’t blend them well. But, I was able to do that without issue and I think it’s because they’re really soft.

I added the silver shadow Moon Glow on my lid with my finger and again, had no issues with application of any of the shadows. I did experience some fallout but i was happy with the performance of the palette and didn’t feel that it was impossible to work with.

I decided to use try the palette again on a workday, so I did another pink look, but this time I used the shade Mixed Emotions on the eyelid. Aside from primer, I used my Charlotte Tilbury Rose Gold cream shadow as a base and applied Mixed emotions over it. I got so many compliments on the eye look as soon as I arrived to work. The mix of both shadows really made the look pop.

Sady, I wore the eyeshadows for about 4-5 hours before I noticed that the shimmer shades began to fade. This poses a problem for me since my workdays consist of 8-10 hours. Aside from that, I essentially used two different eye bases to help the lid shade adhere to the eyes and it didn’t help.

I noticed more fading in the shimmer colors than the mattes. It makes me sad because I genuinely love the color scheme in this palette, but ultimately that can be a deal breaker for me. I don’t mind shadow toppers, but I do have a problem with fading when I use several options at once to keep it on and it still fades significantly.

That being said, I pulled out my Natasha Denona palette as I felt that some of the shades were really similar. I decided to do some side-by-side swatches for my Instagram. I will post them here as well.

Not exact color matches, but you can tell it is a similar color story. Natasha Denona’s shadows are deeper overall compared to the shades in MP – another reason I’m drawn to it. I decided to try to recreate the pink look I did with the Melt, using the Love palette and here was the result. Almost the same but ND was a bit deeper.

Another palette I felt was similar in color story – but not exact – was the Colourpop Blush Crush palette, which I reviewed HERE. Obviously not all the same exact shades but the first half of Millennial Pinx has similar color story.

Now, here is the dilemma I am faced with: I love this palette. I love the selection of colors, I love the finishes of the shadows. Yes, I know a lot of the shimmer shades are more lid toppers, but I don’t mind. I had no issues applying or blending the colors. But… but! The fading of the eye look really bothered me. Especially because I used an eye primer, then a color base and STILL had that happen..

Also, I have now dug into my makeup stash and come up with at least two palettes I own that have similar color stories, making me feel that I really don’t need this one as well. Sigh. What to do? I am really torn.

For now, I will be keeping. But I will update this post if I decide to return this palette. I really would love to keep it, but again, I’m torn. What do you think of this palette? Have you been eyeing it? Let me know!

Thank you for reading this post! Sorry if it was all over the place.


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