Review: Rare Beauty Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey everyone! I picked up these limited edition Rare Beauty palettes over the weekend! It was actually an anniversary treat from my husband. I had been wanting to pick these up, but I really couldn’t find many reviews on them. I like to do a little research on a product before picking it up, but there are hardly any on these little guys. So, I decided I’d like to contribute in case anyone like me is looking for a review on these, especially with the Sephora sale coming up!

Let’s talk packaging: the shadows are housed in a super compact palette which I appreciate. The pan sizes are quite large but I like that there isn’t any room for unnecessary space, etc. It’s the shadows and that’s it. They do come with a mirror which can be used but it’s quite small. I really don’t use the mirrors on palettes, so this wasn’t an issue for me. For some, the outer packaging looks cheap and gimmicky, but I actually like the color story of each and the design. It’s a little different and I like that.

The Confident Energy eyeshadow palette was the first to catch my attention. Yes, it’s definitely not really fall appropriate but those yellows and greens really drew me in.

I think the colors could definitely look Fall-ish if paired with the right matte shades. the colors applied super creamy except for Will Power (the white multis shimmer), which took some building up and wasn’t as soft as the rest. The shades in this palette are just stunning.

Its just a little weird because when I swatched them with my fingers I kind of saw what looked like “hard pan” on the shadows themselves. I thought to myself “oh no, they’re going to get hard and be difficult to pick up with a brush”..

But, when I used a fluffy blending brush to pick up the brown shade, it looked like I hadn’t gotten much but when my brush touched my eye, there was so much of the shadow! In fact, both of the brushes I used picked up a good amount of product without having to dig into the shadows.

I did use a concealer as my base, so the shadows lasted about a 10 hours with minimal fading. I did notice fallout in both the shades Will Power and Elevation (blue) by the end of the day. I think a glitter glue might work better with these shades, but I didn’t use one as I wanted to see the results. I created two different eye looks with these palettes. I could have pulled in mattes from others palettes or used one shadow for a look, but I decided to combine them together to see how they performed on their own.

I really liked the result of both eye looks that I did. I was really impressed with how well they worked together and I know they will work just as great as one and done shadows or mixed with others in my collection.

Now on to its sister palette – Magnetic Spirit. For some reason this palette doesn’t have as good reviews as Confident Energy, so I am glad I’m testing it out as well. For me, I think the first three shades pair really well together and its a no-brainer to create a look with them so that’s what I did. I used the shade Power (purple) in the outer corner and crease. I was expecting it to look true to pan however, because it has a black base, it applied way deeper than I was expecting. You can see it in my swatches, the black underneath the purple..

It definitely outweighs the beautiful purple tone which is a little sad since the shade is gorgeous on the pan. The shade Ignite (pink) is true to color and so, so gorgeous applied on the eyes. It is such a beautiful color. I layered it a bit over Power and was able to conceal some of the darkness in the color. I topped it off with the shade Ablaze, a beautiful sheer multi shimmer right in the center of the lids where both shadows joined.

This sparkly shade is truly beautiful – but boy does it have fallout. This is my mistake since I didn’t use any glitter glue. I will not make that same mistake twice. I had shimmer all over my face and my son’s face by the end of the day.

The wear time and fading were the same as Confident Energy. I used concealer as a base and the shadows had minimal fading. The wear time was about 14 hours, I definitely wore it longer.

The second eye look I completed was using the last 3 shadows of the palette (orange, brown, and the light white iridescent shade). I read on reviews on sephora’ website that the brown shadow also applied darker than in the pan, so this morning I made sure to tap the product where I wanted it before softly blending.

I’m not sure if this helped or not, but I did get the true brown hue to show up on my eyes. This color does have some gold micro shimmer that is noticeable when looking up close at the eye. I haven’t worn it for more than an hour but I sense this will cause some fallout during the day. I will report back at the end of the day.

Overall, these palettes are winners in my book. A few “cons” if I have to call them that – no matte shades (for me, this is totally not a deal breaker at all), some fallout (grab the nyx glitter glue and problem solved) and some shades are a little different when applied onto the eyes (my only real bummer).

The PROS – gorgeous color story, reasonably priced, very compact, but beautiful packaging, a mirror, and shades that you can mix and match with others in your existing collection.

I’m so glad my husband picked these up for me. I think they are great and with an extra discount, definitely worth the buy if you’re interested in them. What do you think of these palettes? Will you be picking them up during the sale?

Let me know! Thank you for reading!


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