Review: Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Mega Palette and Luxe Quads

Hi everyone! The brand new Pat McGrath holiday collection released a few weeks ago and I’ve been busy trying everything out! After wearing all of the items in this collection, I have gathered my thoughts and I’m ready to share. I also have swatches and looks of everything I have picked up to show you. Let’s get started!

Let me start off by saying I was sad about missing out on the Star Wars palettes that were released last year but I am now so happy that I was unable to purchase them. The new Mega Celestial Divinity palette has both of the palettes housed in here + an extra 6 shades that are brand new to her line. I knew as soon as I saw her that she had to be mine. The shipping time for this palette was absolutely ridiculous, but thankfully it made it to me in one piece weeks later and I have had time to test it out.

The palette houses 18 shades, with only 3 mattes. I know for some that can be a deal breaker but for me I don’t really mind it. The packaging is made of cardboard, which might be another deal breaker for some, but I do prefer this type of packaging over the 6-pan packaging. The flaps honestly drive me insane.

I found all the shadows to apply completely fine without issues. The mattes had some kick up, but just a quick tap on the brush and I was able to carry on creating my looks. I would suggest doing your eye makeup first with this palette since there is some fallout with a few of the shimmer shades.

I didn’t try every single shade, but I have tried a lot of them and I can honestly say I’m happy with it. There were a few looks I did that I uploaded to my Instagram account that I enjoyed. Overall, I’m happy to have it in my collection!

Luxe Quad – Fleur Fantasia

This might be the least festive-looking palette since it has 4 pastel shades. Honestly it looks more like a spring time release, but I had a feeling it was going to be beautiful and I received it as a gift from my sweet husband, so I was all for it.

Now, before I go on, these have been getting a lot of mixed reviews as well. Why? Well, last year, Pat released these quads housing only her special shades. I do own all of the previous ones, and yes, the shades were magical. Two quads from this year do not have the special shades, but I wanted them anyway, because I am a fan of her shadows.

I thought all of the powders in Fleur Fantasia very soft to the touch. The beautiful multi-shimmer lavender in this quad does have fallout so I’d either prep my eyes first or use powder underneath to easily swipe away when you’ve completed your eye look.

I’d actually seen KinkySweat talk about using some of these shifting shades as cheek powders so that’s exactly what I did when I tried this palette out and I was so impressed by the ethereal look I had going on.

The shadows gave me no issues and the wear time was easily 8 hours+ with a primer. If you’re into these soft mult-shifting pastels you are going to love Fleur Fantasia. The formula is fantastic and no fuss. The quad can be used alone, mixing the shades together like I did, using only one for a look, or combining with others in your collection. The possibility is endless!

Luxe Quad – Risqué Rose

Let’s talk about the pink matte shade. Honestly, it is so creamy and so easy to blend. I’m not the biggest fan of a creamy matte but Mother Pat did this just right. I loved it. I know that the color can be intimidating but you can apply just a bit of the color and blend it without it looking so pigmented.

I used the pink matte shade in the crease along with the brown matte shade. I found all of them to be really easy to apply with blending and packing brushes. The multi colored shade did have fallout. The shift in it is beautiful, though so adding some glitter glue will be a tremendous help!

I completed an eye look using all of the colors in the quad and I really liked the result. With this particular quad, I think the fact that there are two matte shades allows for more looks that can be created where 1. 2, 3 or all 4 shades can be paired together.

For example, pairing the pinkish shimmer with the brown matte, the pink shimmer with pink matte. The multi colored shimmer with either matte, etc. There are several options within the 4 colors. I’m just a huge fan of this one. I created a look using both matte shades in the crease. The pink shimmer applied on the inner 2/3 of the eyelid.

I completed the look using the beautiful shifting shade in the center of the eye. I really enjoyed the look. I didn’t use a glitter glue so I did have fallout at the end of the day. Overall, a great one if you like the color story!

Luxe Quad – Interstellar Icon

Interstellar icon was the last quad I had to use and I was a little skeptical about both the deep brown and deep purple since they could potentially get muddied together but I was wrong.

I feel like this quad has gotten the most attention and rightfully so – the colors in this quad are the most wearable, in my opinion. The pop of color is still a bit on the neutral side (if you could even call it a neutral) and if you play it well, can totally be work appropriate.

This quad’s feel and application were the same as the rest. They felt very soft on the fingers and I had no issues applying them with a brush onto the eyes. The shifting shadow did have some fallout at the end of the day. I notice that upon initial application none of the shadows have any fallout. However when I look at my face at the end of the day I can definitely see the shimmers on my cheeks, under my eyes, etc.

I really liked the eye look I created with this quad as well. I used all of the shades and applied the blue color between the light Golden shade and the outer corner color purple. It’s what I sported on Halloween so all of the glittery goodness was appropriate.

Overall, I’m super content with all of the shadows that I picked up from her holiday collection. I think, though, that if you are looking to splurge on one item, I would obviously recommend going with the mega palette, especially since it’s on sale right now at Sephora!

The quads are nice as well, and they are my favorite of the entire collection – but the price and the fact that you don’t get special shades and they don’t contain more than 4 shadows may be a turn off and may not be worth it for some.

Have you tried these shadows before? What do you think of them?! Let me know if you’ll be picking any of these up during the Sephora sale! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!


*links provided are affiliate links.

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