First Look: Colourpop x Animal Crossing Collection

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will always have a special place in my heart. Picture this: it’s March 2020 and President Trump has just declared a National lockdown. My husband and I are now working from home. The baby’s finally over his sleep regression and going to bed early. What shall I do with my time? Cue Target app shopping… and there it is…

The answer to my downtime: a Nintendo switch. *adds to cart* but what game? *googles: popular Nintendo switch games* and I kid you not, every article is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After some research I decide this will be my first purchase. And then after a few giddy days I receive my switch and begin to play! Between work, my son, husband, and my Nintendo ACNH… the days pass by.

Phew! Okay, well now I hope you’ll understand why I was excited to see that Colourpop collaborated with Nintendo on this collection. I remember seeing the person who leaked this collection’s stories and immediately texting my niece a picture of it all (she’s my Nintendo partner)! And then after that came so many comments asking about it and they all went ignored (lol). I didn’t know I would be getting the collection until it was almost at my doorstep so that was a wonderful surprise!

The collection includes the following:

This was taken from TRENDMOOD’s Instagram page and you can check her out by clicking her name. Yes, the prices are a little steep but I think this is in large part due to licensing and collaborating with a tech giant. I will preface my review by saying: had this not been sent to me: I would have been waiting for January 28 to arrive and trying to grab the whole collection. Let’s start with the eyeshadows shall we?

The Palettes.

The palettes arrived housed together in a bundle and I’m thinking they will be selling it this way. I haven’t found a “bundle price” but each individual quad is $12 US. There is 1 pressed glitter in every quad, just FYI. I know this can be a deal breaker for some. The first quad I used was Labelle of the Ball (the purple toned quad) and I was honestly surprised how well you could create a few eye looks without having to grab for other shades.

I created sort of a “reverse” eye look with the quad where I applied the deep matte purple on the inner third of the eye lid and used the iridescent shimmer all over the rest of the eyelid. The light matte purple (which has shimmer flecks) was used in the crease. Last I topped it off with the glitter shade (which I hardly ever use) but thought I’d try it out, I really have no complaints about the Colourpop formula. I think it’s fantastic.

5 Star Island performed exactly the same as the others. My only little gripe was that the matte shades kind of looked the same on me even though it appears a bit deeper than the other. You can see the slight distinction between shadows, but i did apply it several times. I tried my best to get the darker matte (with shimmer) to look deeper in my crease and this was the result. I’m not sure if someone with a lighter skin tone that uses it may be able to differentiate, but I couldn’t.

The What a Hoot! Quad is the warm, bronzey toned of the bunch. I created an eye look with 3 shadows minus the glitter this time. I think this quad might be one that you may have dupes in your collection, so just an FYI. Again, I had absolutely no issues.

The last palette, Nook, Inc. was the last palette I tried out and honestly my favorite! I’m just so in love with green shades even though I hardly wear them. They really do just call my attention at all times.

I had no issues with this palette at all. Both matte shades applied well and I was able to blend them (to the best of my ability) without difficulty. The shimmer shade in here is absolutely gorgeous. I found applying with my finger gave the best color payoff.

I really couldn’t tell you which to choose in case you’re trying to decide between them all. So let’s hope (if you’re planning on getting them all) they offer it in a bundle for a few dollars cheaper and you’ll be able to get that with the adorable bundle cover. Haha!

The Blushes.

There are two blushes in the collection: an orange tone named Flower Tender and a pink named Flower Power. Although these may look light, two different blush brushes of mine were able to pick up a lot of product with a slight dip. The first time I used it, I applied way too much and had to apply foundation to tone it down.

I’ve been using them interchangeably since I received them and I like them both. They have some shimmer in them but I don’t really detect it on the skin once it’s applied because of how fine it is. Overall, these are winners in my book!

The Just a Tints.

I have loved the formula of the Just a Tint lip crayon since they first released. It’s got a balm like feel to it – hydrating, a little slippery, but the pigment on them is great! They don’t wear for too long, but you should expect this when buying this type of lip formula.

They also have a scent to them / so the name and packaging of these duos are going to be what they smell like. If fruity scents are not your favorite you probably won’t like these.

Not much else to say on these so I’m going to let you see the pictures and swatches!

Balloon Pop SuperShock Shadow.

There is but a few neutral toned SuperShock shadows I’ve felt were backup worthy: the trio in the going coconuts collection, the color Run Wild in the new Wild Child collection, and this one: Balloon Pop.

Really, there’s nothing much to say other than this is a back-up worthy shade to me. The sparkle on this particular one is multi colored with a brown/pink base and since I consistently create neutral looks, this is a perfect lid topper.

Bellionaire Glitterally Obsessed.

The last item I wanted to show you was the glitterally obsessed glitter in Bellionaire. I don’t use these glitter pots too much, but I recently saw on a Colourpop group that people use these on their nails?!

Like what!!! This is amazing and I had completely forgotten people do this! So yeah, this is something I’m going to try! Just wanted to let you know in case you weren’t sure what to use them on since they’re technically not considered “eye safe.”

Well, y’all. That concludes my little first look/swatch fest on the new Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection! Will you be picking anything up?! Let me know! ❤️ Thank you so much for reading, it is always appreciated!


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