Review: Jason Wu Beauty

Good day, everyone! I thought I’d review a brand new beauty brand here on the blog: Jason Wu Beauty! I’ll admit: I’d heard of Mr. Wu before (hello, fashion!) but not much. Then the beauty community started buzzing about his new beauty brand and he did something I’m not sure any new brand has done before: he offered a 50% off code until the in-store launch date…

…which is being sold at Target yall. Hello budget friendly! So naturally, I did a thing. I ordered tons of lip products and a few eye products and I wanted to share some thoughts and swatches with you, first and foremost, because it’s a new brand and second, I haven’t seen too many real-life swatches so I thought I’d do that for you here. Let’s start with the eye products:

Celestial Lust Glitter Cream Shadow.

He created four different glitter cream shadows which I ended up picking up. He describes them as a “highly pigmented cream shadow that’s quick drying and lasts all day.”

Now these are cream shadows I’ve had the time to test out and I have a few thoughts. First of all: they are VERY quick drying. I’d suggest working with one eye first, then the other. I am able to blend it to what I’d like it to be, but I need to work fast. The wear time lasted 8-10 hours and I did see some glitter particles on my cheeks by the end of the day. Maybe a glitter glue would be better when applying.

Another thing to note: there are two shadows that can be worn as single eyeshadows. They are the two Bronzey colors: Jane Doe and Lace and Grace. Jane Doe is probably the smoothest of the 4, meaning it’s really hard to detect the glitter particles. It almost looks like a metallic cream shadow. With Lace and Grace, the glitter can easily be seen through the tube and can be seen when applied. The other two: Butterfly and Songbird are more eyeshadow toppers. They are mostly just glitter with a slightest hint of color.

If I am being honest, I should have just picked up the Bronzey shades. They are nice. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of the other two, but I prefer something with enough pigment to use on its own. Either way, all very nice!

Honey Fluff Fluffy Matte Lip Cream

There are actually quite a few shades available in the matte lip cream formula, but I only picked up two since the swatches on his website were just really tricky for me. A lot of them looked too light, so I went for some I thought would match me best.

He describes these as “a super soft, whipped, matte lip cream that feels like air.” You know, these lip creams definitely felt light on the lips. I’m obviously able to feel them when they’re freshly applied, but once they settle, it felt almost like nothing.

The formula was super comfortable on the lips. I really liked it. It wore well, there was some minimal transfer, but there isn’t any claims on it being transfer proof, so that’s acceptable. I really had to rub off the product and use an exfoliator/balm after. It’s been a while since I used liquid lipsticks so my lips definitely felt it when I rubbed the lipstick off with a napkin. Oops.

I really like the two shades I have, but I don’t think I’ll pick up any more unless he comes out with some deeper shades. As it is, Parisian Chic is just so light on me, I won’t be able to wear it without a lipliner. If you’re lighter than I am, you’ll probably enjoy more of the shade range! I like the formula, i think it’s a nice, affordable option. The shade range is my only setback.

Hot Fluff Lipsticks.

These are the star of the show. At least in terms of everything that I picked up. There are also a good number of shades to try in this lipstick line and spoiler alert: I. Want. Them. All!

He describes these lipsticks as “a weightless modern matte lipstick that has been formulated to be easily blendable and feel just like skin; a multi stick that can be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks.”

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but monochromatic looks are all the rage right now and these babies are perfect for that. I originally ordered the shades Cannoli and Biscotti, but when I saw the line available at my local target, I immediately picked up Jelly Roll and Gingerbread.

I love them. Just love them! The formula is such a nice, soft matte. It feels a little powdery once you blend it onto the skin. I’ve used these lipsticks all ways now: as eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. I have absolutely no complaints. The wear time is great. They blend nicely onto the eyes and cheeks. It’s easy to control the amount you want. They’re honestly love.

The shade Gingerbread reminds me of the Nearly Neutral liquid shadow from Rare Beauty, which is one I wanted to pick up. But with the price tag of $11.99, I might stick to these. I’m seriously impressed with them and I want the rest of the shades. I really do! I think these are going to be great staples in anyone’s collection, especially if you use them to their full potential: multi stick.

Stay in Line Lipliner Pencil.

I think I went a little off the deep end ordering lip liners. I picked up FIVE shades!! Five!! Did I need them all?! No. Again, it was so hard to pick the shades considering the swatches weren’t the best. There were some that I thought would be deeper than they apply. This is a little disappointing, but I can work with them.

These are described as a “soft and creamy lip pencil that’s designed to fill, shape, or line the lips, finishes matte.”

These are matte, but they’re not drying, which is great. There was no tug to them when applying which I really liked. I think these are great honestly. They do the job: fill in my lips, set the stage for the lip color. Again though, the only downfall for me is shade range. A lot of the shades I picked up looked deeper on the swatches provided in the website than what they look like on me.

Some are just so light. I usually use a lipliner to balance out a super light lipstick, but I may have to do the opposite with some of these shades. I’m glad I was able to try out a good number of them, but I won’t be buying anymore unless he comes out with deeper shades sometime in the future.

The formula is nice, and I do recommend them, I just think that some are too light for me. If you can see them in person, I think that would be the best thing to do!

Well, there we have it! My first dip into this line. I honestly think this is a great way to start a makeup brand. Promote, offer a discount, wait for the feedback. He’s got so many other products available online that you can check out HERE. I’m actually thinking of picking up a lip mask thanks to the good reviews it’s getting.

I definitely recommend this brand. Aside from liking what I picked up, the packaging is just sooooo swoon worthy. I love the array of neutrals each piece brings. It fits my aesthetic and what I love so of course I could stare at them all day!

Anyway, what do you think of this line? Is there anything you’re interested in trying?! Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

*Links provided are affiliate links.

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