Review: Tarte Juicy Palette.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I purchased something from Tarte *hides behind a bush* but I couldn’t stop admiring the brand new Tarte Juicy palette from afar. I decided to wait on it but after seeing the few youtube videos dedicated to it all give it positive reviews, well… I purchased it.

The packaging resembles their older Tarte palettes, including: pro, pro remix. Do you remember those? I have pro remix but I decluttered the pro a few years back. Anyway, this packaging is right up my alley because of the soft pink packaging.

The shadows are actually pretty big in size and I like that they didn’t waste any space in here. Some have told me their older palettes were magnetic and the shadows could come right off but I’m not sure about these.

There is also a faint vanilla scent to the shadows which I didn’t think was strong so I didn’t mind it at all. I think Tarte’s newer palettes contain this scent so if you have any of the pro palettes you’ll be familiar with it. The first two rows of the palette contain, in my opinion, very light shades that I wasn’t sure would look well on me.

But after trying them out I think they’re perfect for those no makeup-makeup days, or days I might want to concentrate on blush/lipstick. The second half of the palette should up really well on me without issues. I like the shade range in here, I think it works since people who buy this palette will more than likely use it for work and/or prefer these toned down neutrals.

The formula of the palette was very nice. I forgot that Tarte has a nice formula. The mattes were picked up with blending brushes, they blended out well. They were just a tad powdery but I’ve used worse. The shimmer shades: some were harder pressed into the pan and the best color payoff was my finger.

The others performed just fine with a packing brush. I was able to create 4 different looks with it and I feel I could probably create more. The wear time was at least 8+ hours (with a primer – oily eyelids) and I’m sure could have been longer if I didn’t take my makeup off. Overall, I think this performed well and could be an everyday palette that you may get more use out of than you think.

Mel Thompson compared this to the discontinued and very much loved Aspyn Ovard palette and she said it was basically the same. So if you’re sad to have missed out on that, you may enjoy this!

What do you think of the palette? I’m so happy I picked it up! It’d been a while since Tarte caught my attention and I’ve been happy with this so far. I’m sure that it will eventually go on sale, either on its own or through a store sale such as Sephora or Macy’s so if you’d prefer to wait for that, totally understandable.

It’s not limited edition, so there will be time to think about the purchase. I know this is such a short review, but I feel like I got my point across: solid shadows, easy blending, no fading. Best color payoff with the finger. Nice color arrangement that allows for multiple looks.

What do you think about this one? Personally I’m enjoying it and I’m glad I picked it up! Could I have waited for a sale? Probably… but curiosity had me purchase right away. And I’m happy I did!

Thank you for reading!


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