Review: Natasha Denona Mini Love Story Collection

Last year’s Valentine’s Day inspired collection by Natasha Denona was one of my favorites in a long time. Before that, I cannot remember the last time I bought Valentine’s Day-themed makeup. I continue to enjoy it to this day. As soon as I saw the promotional pictures for this year’s collection: Mini Love Story, I knew I would be picking up the entire collection.

The full collection includes a mini 5-pan eyeshadow palette, a cheek duo and a lipstick. I will be doing comparison swatches of the palette and cheek duo to her previous collection and the blooms cheek palette.

Mini Love Palette.

I have been enjoying her mini eyeshadow palettes lately. I think her last few releases have been superb: Retro, Zendo, Glam… I am really into the pink tones so I knew this would be mine too. The palette contains 5 shadows: two mattes, 2 metallics, and one “icy matte.” If you ask me, I think there are 2 true matte shades and the rest are shimmer/metallic. The matte shadows blended easily, I didn’t experience much fallout. They gave me no trouble with blendability or performance. The deepest matte shade looks scary in the pan but it is buildable and that’s great for those who like to work up to a deep color.

I used small packing brushes to pick up the metallic/shimmer shades and again, I had no issues applying the shadows onto my eyelids, except for the first shade. This one would be best applied with your finger. I do want to note though: using your finger with all the shades will be the best in terms of color payoff. I think some see using your finger with shadows as a bad thing but I really like it. You can get the full effect of the shadow that way. Of course, a shadow should also be good when choosing to use a brush. But for a more intense look, I use my finger.

Overall this palette is a winner for me. I think the colors here were perfectly selected to create a few, different eye looks that won’t be repetitive. The size of the palette is also convenient since you can take it on the go without taking up too much space. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad i picked it up.

I wanted to show you some comparisons to the original Love palette and how this makes a nice companion to Love or makes a great stand alone.

Love Cheek Duo.

If you’re coming from my instagram page, you’ll know I had my doubts about the Love Glow cheek palette released last year. I adored 3 of the 4 shades and to this day, still do not use the 4th, pure glitter option, in the palette. With this year’s cheek duo: Natasha still gives us the same, fun packaging, but added only 2 options: a cream blush and powder highlight.

I love this so much. Nice and compact, if you like the color choices you’ll use both of the products in here. The cream blush is a repeat shade from her large Darya palette and I still think the texture of it feels kind of funny. I’m used to very creamy, emollient cream products but this one feels more waxy to me.

It doesn’t affect the performance, though so nothing to worry about. These are just my observations. The blush is very pigmented but doesn’t apply this way. If you use a stipple brush you can definitely work it into the skin and build up the color. The color is a gorgeous mix between a pink and coral. It looks great against the pink/purple tones of the palette.

My only complaint would be that while Natasha is usually very good about protecting cream products in her palettes, she did not include a plastic cover for the cream blush this time. This will allow for highlight particles to travel to the cream blush as well as maybe dry out faster. I was sad about that.

The highlighter in here is a perfect pink/duo chrome color that looks really nice on the skin. No glitter, just a very fine shimmer. The embossment of hearts is really cute but the highlight is pressed hard in there so I did apply some pressure to the brush.

Overall a gorgeous little duo. I think it’s worth the price and I’m so glad I added it to my collection. I wanted to show you some comparison swatches of the new duo to the previous cheek palettes shes released.

I Need a Nude: Amorosa.

You all, I went almost all of 2020 without trying her lipsticks. I finally tried one towards the end of the year and it’s been in rotation since I bought it. I have the shade Andréa and loved it. So, with this launch I knew I’d pick this shade up too.

Her lipsticks are of a satin finish and they are so comfortable on the lips. I was afraid this color might be too light for me, but I’ve worn it without Lipliner and didn’t feel weird about it. I’m really happy I picked it up.

I can compare it to the shade I already own and some others which might look similar.

Here is a look I did using all products in the collection: I did a softer rosy smokey eye for the first look and liked the way it turned out!

For the second look I concentrated more of the deep purple tones onto the eyelids and the lighter shades on the crease. I had time to take a close up of the eye and upload it to my Instagram, so I thought I’d share it here as well. I love the way it turned out!

Overall a total winner for all 3 products for me. I kind of expected that to be the outcome since I am familiar with and love Natasha’s formulas.

What do you think about this collection? Did you pick any of it up? Did you skip or will you wait for a sale?

Let me know! Thank you so much for reading!


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