Review: Sydney Grace Enduring Love Palette – Deep.

One of my beauty resolutions for 2021 was to dip into indie brands. I’ve been following Sydney Grace for a while and had kept up with their beauty launches. There were two palettes that caught my eye but for some reason I kept holding back. Finally, at the end of January, they had a restock/sale so I decided to pick up the Enduring Love palette – Deep. The time between when I placed the order and it’s arrival was about 6 days which I think is amazing! Once I had it in my hands couldn’t help but open it and try it out!

Sydney Grace offers 2 versions of the Enduring Love palette ($52 US). A Light version and a Deep version. “Light is best suited to those with fair skin-tones and Deep created for those with medium to deep skin-tones or those with fair skin that prefer darker transition colors.” I chose Deep since I am a medium skin tone and felt it would suit me best.

The palette is made of cardboard (which I don’t mind and do prefer sometimes) and it’s a bit on the large side (think Natasha Denona $65 palette sizes). I really love that it comes with a full sized mirror which I used while creating my makeup looks. The palette is also magnetic, which I think means the shadows can be removed? I haven’t tried that yet. The palette is big, but it’s not heavy so I could easily hold it with one hand while applying shadow with the other. The pan sizes are a good size as well and I had no problems dipping my big fluffy crease brushes into them.

The palette, as described by Sydney Grace: “Our Enduring Love Palette is a tribute to some of the greatest love stories in history. Enduring Love is a cool-toned palette that offers soft, smooth colors for an easy, everyday, neutral look paired with deeper and brighter pressed pigments for a night out or just a pop of color for a day at the office. This palette is really versatile and can be used to create many different looks.”

All of the shades… yes all of them… felt like butter when I swatched them on my arm. It was a little scary at first because while I’m used to shimmers of some brands I love being buttery smooth, I’m not really used to all the matte shades being the same way. That’s why my swatches look perfect here! Haha.

All of the eye looks I created stayed out for a good 8-10 hours before I noticed a bit of fading. For me, that’s a great amount of time since I try not to wear my makeup for too long. I also want to note that I always use some sort of primer or base because I have oily eyelids. I know my eyeshadow won’t stay on for long if I don’t do this, so it’s a step I won’t remove, even if I’m testing a new palette.

For my first look I dipped into the shades: Juliet and Cherish (blown out on the crease with a fluffy brush), Passion in the crease (concentrated w a dense crease brush), Boaz in the outer third, and Albert on the lids. I really loved the look I created and thought it made a great smokey eye.

For the second look I concentrated on the purples – Elizabeth on the crease and Abigail in the outer corner to deepen up the look. I know sometimes purples can be tricky: a bit patchy, require a finger or double application with a brush, but these were so good! I was able to get my look using a packing brush and blending brush.

For the third look, which I didn’t photograph, I just used Romeo, Juliet, Darcy and devotion. A super simple eye look that was stunning because of the shimmer shades! My last look I did photograph, I just used Victoria and Robert on the eyelids and Ruth on the lash line and winged it out a bit.

I really am impressed with this palette. You know, most palettes do have a few faults here and there but so far, I’ve found none with this palette. I really think it’s worth the price tag and I’m glad I was finally able to try their brand. If you’re looking for a cool toned palette with a really nice color story.. if you want some matte and shimmer shadows that work well with brushes and no fingers required, I would very much consider the Enduring Love palette.

If you’ve interested in Enduring Love, Deep and have wondered about it’s quality… I want to tell you the rumors are true. It’s a great palette! You can purchase it on the Sydney Grace website for $52, but I did wait for a sale. They have sales a few times a year and it’s currently out of stock, so I hope if this post has pushed you to order, you’re able to snag it soon!

I also picked up Tiny Marvels and I’ll be doing a review on that as well. What do you think of this palette?! If you have it, what color combos do you like pairing together? Please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading my posts, that means a lot to me!


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