Drugstore Products That Rival High End

As you know, one of my favorite things to do is shop my stash. Seriously! I get so much joy out of picking different things to use each week. During one of my recent rotations I noticed that over the past year there’s been an increase in the amount of drugstore products I’ve been using. In fact, I’m not only rotating between more drugstore products, I am thoroughly enjoying them and find myself choosing them over some of my high end favorites.

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Review: Becca x Khloe and Malika Face Palette and Lipstick.

Recently, Becca Cosmetics collaborated with Khloe Kardashian and her best friend Malika Haqq to make a collection of face palettes and lipsticks. I had no idea this was a thing until promo pictures were released and circulated the beauty world. After much thought and consideration, I decided to purchase the Made With Love by Malika face palette and nude lipstick in the shade Yours Truly. Eventually, I picked up the other face palette as well, but I will save that for another review.

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My Palette Purchases of 2018 – Part 2.

Did you think I was done? If you read the first part of this series (you can read HERE), you will know that I did a “round-up” of my eyeshadow palette purchases from Sephora during 2018 and provided my thoughts on each palette, let you know how much use I truly got out of each one, which have been decluttered, etc. One day when I unexpectedly had the morning off from work (thanks horrible, cold, rainy weather), I went through all of my Ulta emails and decided I’d do a second part dedicated to my Ulta eyeshadow palette purchases.

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January 2019 Favorites!

I’m so excited to share the products I loved and reached for the month of January! I believe I stated in my Insta Stories that I would be shopping my stash quite differently this year. Last year, I forced myself to rotate things after a week, even if I was thoroughly enjoying them. This year, I decided not to rotate things I was truly enjoying so that I could use them as much as I needed before I swapped them out for something different. Continue reading

Duping the Melt Blueprint Stack – Shopping My Stash!

One of the things I told myself I would do in 2019 is shop my stash more and take a backseat to palette buying. As you might be able to tell from this blog and my Instagram page, I haven’t been doing that good of a job so far. However, when I saw Melt Cosmetics release the brand new Blueprint Stack, I immediately drooled over it. I knew this was something I really wanted. The swatches, the presentation of it, and the tutorials/looks I’ve seen on it so far have been beautiful. Personally, blue shadows aren’t shades that I reach for often, so I felt that shopping my stash for similar shades would be the better option for myself.

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Review: Lime Crime Venus XL II Palette

I might be in the minority when I tell you that when I saw the Lime Crime Venus XL II palette on Trendmood’s Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. The green colors, which I rarely reach for, called to me. So, I ordered! I have used this palette a few times and came up with 4 different looks, 2 of which I will show here. After using it for quite some time, I’m ready to give my thoughts on this palette.

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Review: NYX Cosmetics Swear By It Palette

I didn’t think I would review the NYX Swear By It palette, but after buying it and talking about it briefly on my Insta Stories , I had several questions on it and began to see it pop up on lots of YouTubers channels! YouTubers Tati and Allie Glines have recently reviewed/used this palette on their YouTube channel as well as a few others. The only person I had seen talk about this palette was Kathleen Lights, but this was back in July of 2018! Her makeup look definitely inspired this purchase. I cant wait to tell you all about it!

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My Palette Purchases of 2018.

I thought this would be a fun post to look back on and reflect on what eyeshadow products I bought last year, whether I still have them, how I feel about them, etc. I decided to do this with only Sephora purchases as I was able to go far back and see what I had picked up. Are you ready to dive in with me?! Hope so!

I am actually quite surprised that I didn’t buy too many palettes the first 7 months of the year… wait a minute. Actually, I’m not surprised. I know that I tend to stay away from Sephora the first few months of the year because I spend my holidays buying tons of makeup. Thankfully, that did not happen this year, but I remember doing that years prior. Either way, I wanted to make this post to show myself just how much I buy and hopefully talk myself out of buying so many unnecessary eyeshadow palettes because I don’t need them all.

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