Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes of 2019.

Just thought I’d come on here and talk about some of my most loved and used palettes of the year. I have already posted the palettes I regretted purchasing this year, so you can check that out HERE. I’ll only be talking about palettes that were either purchased by me or gifted to me by family members during the 2019 year. This list excludes any PR I received except for one, which I saved for the end. I honestly had so many to choose from! It is insane, but palettes are my true love and weakness, so I always excuse myself. Let’s get started!

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April 2019 Favorites!

I just now realized I completely forgot to do a March favorites post, so I decided I would not let another month pass by before letting you know all of the things I truly loved this month! Also, it can serve as a “what I would recommend from the Sephora sale” since it is currently going on right now! Alright, instead of continuing to ramble, let me get started!

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January 2019 Favorites!

I’m so excited to share the products I loved and reached for the month of January! I believe I stated in my Insta Stories that I would be shopping my stash quite differently this year. Last year, I forced myself to rotate things after a week, even if I was thoroughly enjoying them. This year, I decided not to rotate things I was truly enjoying so that I could use them as much as I needed before I swapped them out for something different. Continue reading

August 2018 Favorites!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post dedicated to my favorite beauty items. It’s actually a little hard sometimes to do them since I have enjoyed shopping my stash and rotating products since January. Can you believe I’ve actually kept it up for half the year?! There were some really great items I used this month so I felt I HAD TO post about them. Continue reading

Makeup Favorites April 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favorites post! As you might know, if you’re coming from my instagram page, I’ve been rotating my stash weekly. Because I’ve been rotating weekly I feel as though sometimes its a little unjust to pick favorites when I’ve only had about a week with them. However, there have been a couple of standouts that I just had to mention so that I can look back at my blog a year from now and compare, etc.

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Current Makeup Favorites!

I have spent the last two months shopping my stash weekly in order to get use out of my makeup collection – which is massive in my personal opinion. I skipped out on January favorites because I was adamant about using different things every single week. For the month of February, I allowed myself to spill products over into the next week without feeling too guilty about it.

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