Makeup Declutter Part 2: Lip Products.

I’m continuing my makeup declutter series, this post focusing on lip products (my other makeup declutter blogpost can be read here). Oh man, I would be lying if I said that at one point in my life: lip products were my absolute obsession. So much so that I had to have every nude shade of every makeup release and if it was drugstore I would allow myself to buy multiple shades of the collections.

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Makeup Declutter: Eyeshadow Palettes and Face Products.

I hadn’t cleared out my makeup in quite a while, so after purchasing some new releases this weekend I felt it was time to part with some things I no longer used. I’m not one who likes to keep things I don’t use, particularly because it takes up space for new makeup to fit into and because I don’t like for it to waste away knowing I won’t be using it since it’ll be sat in my makeup drawers untouched.

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A Week In Makeup!


Reviewing the makeup products I use on a weekly basis is something I have dedicated to doing every week. I usually take to Instagram Stories to post my thoughts on what I used, how I felt about it, etc. I decided this week to take it a step further and actually write a blogpost about it in case anyone happened to miss it since it disappears in 24 hours.

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